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Why is Steak So Coveted?

on March 02, 2018
Steak is truly one of those foods we put upon a pedestal. People from many different backgrounds and cultures can appreciate the value and unique experience offered by a good cut of steak served hot and cooked-to-order. But, what is it about steak that gives it such iconic status? What are the characteristics which make steak the sought-after item that it is? When it comes down to it, the steak experience is really a matter of The Three T’s: Taste, Texture, and Tradition. Taste You really cannot imitate steak with any other food when it comes to taste and texture. A good cut is bursting with savory juices, and depending on the location of the cut it may be rich with fatty indulgence or more moderately nourishing with a lean delicacy in the meat. A good butcher knows how to cut the beef with expert precision so as not to waste any of the precious protein while creating individual palates of flavor in every strip, sirloin, filet, and ribeye. When handled properly by trained hands, a steak will embody full, fleshy flavors with robust, buttery notes complimented by a sprinkling of seasonings and/or rubs. It is the combined elegance and grit of steak which defines the flavor so many seek. Texture To discuss the flavor of steak without mentioning the texture would surely be some kind of culinary crime. No matter what internal temperature you like your steak served at, it’s certain that a large part of your favorite steak’s personality is derived from the texture. Many consider rare to medium rare steaks optimal for smooth, velvety texture to preserve that natural flavor of the beef, but there is plenty to be said for certain cuts being prepared and served more thoroughly for what could perhaps be considered a grittier, gamier flavor profile. Like any dish, there is no right or wrong way to order your steak. There is simply the question of whether or not it provides what you were looking for. Which brings us to the final category of steak’s defining traits: Tradition Steak is just one of those things we determine about ourselves early on in life. It’s like our favorite color; something so paramount to our personality that it is a fundamental part of who we are. The way you order your steak is a personal tradition, and one you should embrace without hesitation. An expertly-raised, professionally butchered piece of beef does deserve careful consideration in the kitchen, of course. It should be prepared with careful attention to detail and dedicated food handling practices. But, never let someone tell you not to order your steak the way you want to have it. If you do, it’s just walking yourself right into a door of disappointment. This is why we hope you’ll get the opportunity to have your next steak experience with us at Atlas Steakhouse. We pride ourselves on preparation guided by the highest standards in excellence, and our diverse menu offers many options for those seeking an upscale, yet comfortable, steak dining experience. See you next time you’re in our neighborhood!