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What’s your favorite cut of steak?

on June 06, 2017
What is your favorite cut of steak? As with any dish, the way you order your meat can say a lot about who you are and can be a way of conveying your personality and distinct dining type to fellow eaters and those serving you. No one wants to be confronted with a list of premium beef cuts without a clue as to how to order, and not every cut of steak is right for every occasion. Rest assured that when you order from Atlas Steakhouse, we’ll do our best to help you figure out what steak selection you ought to make. In fact, let’s get started on helping you with that decision, right now. First of all, take a little bit of comfort in knowing that in our dining room, you get to pick your steak cut right at your own table with the meat you will eat on display live and in 3D in front of you and your guests. That means if it doesn’t look appetizing to you, you won’t end up eating it. But, picking the right steak is definitely about more than simple appearances. Steak cuts have character unique unto their own individuality, meaning that a porterhouse is an entirely different beast than a filet mignon. Take, for example, the fairly common and classic New York Strip. Also known as the Kansas City strip steak, this short loin section of beef is a fairly universally-acceptable selection when the craving for steak comes knocking on your proverbial door. Half-sibling to the iconic “T-Bone,” the strip is good for its edge of marbled fat along with a buttery flavor and fine texture cradled inside of a moderately tender hunk of meat. Another safe bet is a cut of steak we’ve already mentioned: Filet Mignon. It’s very French-sounding name carries with it a resounding note of elegance and implied richness, and this selection taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin does not impress in name alone. The thick cuts of meat don’t lend much room for marbling, but they contain a wealth of delicious, juicy flavor when prepared with expert skill and attention to detail. Looking for more of an individual experience in your steak selection for the evening? Or, to put it more simply, are you looking for something that is truly a “cut above the rest?” Well, look no further. If you want a picture-worthy and primal cut of steak to write home about, try the Tomahawk cut. The long, bone-handled piece of meat has the literal appearance of a small axe or tomahawk, and it’s quite a plate-full to have delivered to your table. All of these and much, much more are available at Atlas Steakhouse! If this isn’t enough to get you started on making your decision, then our professional service staff will happy to help guide you to the right choice. So, swing by our location soon and try premium steaks, as well as international cuisine of all kinds, as we dive into summer! There’s no better time than now for the perfect steak!