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What to do for Father’s Day

on June 14, 2017
How do you give your dad the special celebration he deserves on Father’s Day? You can take the whole day to do it, or pack a relaxing, fun experience into one meal. Here’s how to guarantee that this Father’s Day is one your dad won’t forget. The first thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that your location of choice should be classy. You might have a rough-and-tumble dad who doesn’t think he deserves the finer things in life, but that doesn’t mean you need to give into this mentality. Raising a child and helping to foster a family, regardless of what that family looks like, are some of the biggest challenges and greatest accomplishments that a man in our society can aspire to. To earn the mantle of “father” is no small task, and in celebrating such a role, we should approach the festivities with a sense of austerity and dignity. But, more than that, a venue for celebrating dad has to have some flavor to it. Classiness is a great start, but without a little bit of panache to bolster a classy environment, it can become a stuffy one in a hurry. Trust us when we tell you that dad doesn’t want to be made to feel like a dusty old geezer by parading him around some fossil factory. You don’t have to take him skydiving or on a whitewater rafting expedition, but it is important that celebrating Father’s Day involves some, well, celebration. Once you’ve found a classy, fun place to kick back and enjoy some time with your father figure, you don’t want to let the basics go unattended to. At some point, as great as the family time and time out on the town are going to be for your holiday festivities, you and dad are going to need a little sensory satisfaction. It’s not much of a holiday if you and dad can’t indulge in some sweet and/or savory treats prepared to perfection throughout the day. And, remember… a good meal can go to waste pretty quickly if you can’t wash it down with the right wine, whiskey, or whatever beverage floats your dad’s boat. Whether dad likes the hard stuff or he’s more of a soda pop kind of fella, his glass should never end up empty on his special day. Speaking of never being empty, it’s kind of hard to celebrate without the right tunes. Find a place with a little live music so your dad can hear some of his favorite tunes from the oldies or today. Maybe, at this point, it’s starting to feel like we’re asking a lot of you in a single day. Well, look, you don’t have to pack all of this into one occasion. If you want, you could spend the whole day with dad, going from one live music event to his favorite restaurant. Or, you can get it all in at once and discover a new favorite restaurant at the same time! Unless, of course, you’ve already tasted the fine cuisine of Atlas Steakhouse, in which case you’ll hopefully be taking dad to what you know is a safe bet! We’ve got it all, from a delightful atmosphere to live music and food and drinks to set the celebration off right! So, stop by our location this Father’s Day and give dad a special treat for a special day! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!