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Top Pro Grilling Tips For The Best Steak Ever

on December 15, 2018

Is there anything better than a steak cooked over the grill? This simple act can often be really intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience doing it. If you understand a few basic rules, cooking your meat over open heat can become like second nature. Follow these easy, professional-approved tips and make a steak in your backyard that tastes just as good as the one you get at your favorite steakhouse.
Choose The Meat With The Best Grade You Can Find
This is a sometimes overlooked, but very important step when looking for the best steak to start grilling. Cuts include prime, choice or select and are given their grade based on several things like how the cattle was reared and when it was fed. Our recommendation is to always buy USDA Prime or Black Angus steaks and to stay away from select cuts because they are generally the lowest quality.
Get To Know A Local Butcher
If you have a butcher nearby, make sure you take advantage! They are experts in their field—the best of the best steak! They are there to help you choose the best cuts to purchase. This is always a better way to buy your meat than at the grocery store where it often sits out for hours in plastics and coverings that can negatively affect the taste. They can also clue you in on best practices for cooking and grilling.
Choose A Marinade
Make your own at home with different condiments and spices you can find at home. They help to make the steak less tough and add some flavorful tenderness.
Choose A Marbled Steak
Some steakhouse chefs agree that the best type of steak to grill at home is the naturally marbled rib-eye steaks. You may also know these under their popular name “cowboy steaks”. The reason they suggest the marbling is because it makes the flavor way better in these cuts while filling the meat with a juicy texture.
Don’t Put Cold Meat On The Grill
Before grilling, always let refrigerated meat sit out at room temperature for up to two hours. This will take it from an average of 38 degress to anywhere from 50 to 55 degress, which is optimal for putting it over the heat. You’ll serve a final steak that’s more delicious, more even-colored and has a better texture.
Dry Age Your Meat
Why should you dry age? It produces less moisture in your steak and gives it a meaty flavor. The final taste won’t include as much air and water, which can often dilute the flavor. The best way to dry-age your meat is to put it in the fridge unwrapped on paper towels for four days.
Always Use A Grill Brush—Or Make Your Own!
Trust us, this is an important tool in the grilling process. Don’t have one? You can use a sheet of aluminum foil and crumple it up until it’s the size of a small orange. Then, use chef tongs and pick it up. While you’re holding onto the ball you can simply start brushing!
Don’t Overdo It On Seasonings
When applying rubs, air on the side of caution and be delicate. Too many seasonings rubbed in too hard can not only damage meat fibers but can mess with the texture of the food and make it over-seasoned.
Sear Your Steaks For A Perfect Taste
After you marinate, pat your steaks on both sides until they’re dry. If they’re wet, they don’t sear. Instead, they steam. Another key tip? Don’t lift the lid too many times and don’t move the steak around too much. If you leave your meat in one spot while it’s cooking, it will end up with the best flavors. Limit movement to one or two times max.