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Top 19 Best Marinades for Flank Steak

on November 28, 2015
Marinades are a wonderful invention. They are a blessing for all dry meat, turning them into a mouthwatering feast. From zesty to spicy, sauce or dry rub, the selection is overwhelming. Which one to choose for your next BBQ? We have done some research and picked the best of the best marinades currently available on the market. Take a gander!  
  1. Adolph's Meat Marinade - Steak
  Sold in a 24pack set (1 ounce), this marinade consistently wins over new fans. Consisting of mixed garlic, onion, black pepper and natural smoke flavor, this marinade can tenderize any meat. It comes in dry granules, which are dissolved in water. People love this Adolph’s seasoning and recommend using it with any meat, from beef steak to burgers and chicken. Buy it now on Amazon for $40.09 (pack of 24)  
  1. McCormick Meat Marinade Seasoning Mix
  This dry mix, available in a pack of 12, has won over a vast number of fans. People love the fact that you can customize it every time to achieve different results. You need to mix the granules with oil, water and balsamic vinegar to create a full flavored marinade. But, many diners decide to use lemon juice and red wine vinegar instead to vary the taste. The fact that you can modify this McCormick’s marinade to your own desire has added to the product’s popularity. Buy it now on Amazon for $34.99 (pack of 12)
  1. Delwood's Barbecue Sauce and Marinade
  An Authentic Eastern North Carolina Style marinade, this seasoning comes in a jar, ready to use with any meat of your choice. Steak, chicken, pork, even fish – In addition to the number of meats Delwood’s can accommodate, it adds a winning flavor to sides like vegetables and salad too! Versatile? You bet! It takes after the Delwood Cavenaugh himself. He had a talent for creating something out of nothing, such as turning a washing machine tumble into a butter beans sheller – Just that kind of a guy. So it comes as no surprise that he created a marinade that’s fit for all occasions. This Delwood’s marinade made it to the prestigious number 3 spot in our rank! Buy it now on Amazon for $6.00  
  1. LAWRY'S Tuscan Marinade, Sundried Tomato
  Fancy a bit of Tuscany on your plate? This delicious marinade, sold in a pack of 6, will make a perfect addition to vegetables as well as meat – it is especially recommended for steak and turkey. This sundried tomatoes and garlic seasoning mix takes only 30 minutes to tenderize the meat when ready to roast. Buy it now on Amazon for $20.40 (pack of 6)  
  1. Big Daddy's Bloody Mary Mix
  This is quite an interesting product. Created by a former bartender, this bottled seasoning can be added to a variety of foods as well as drinks. It works well as a meat and poultry marinade, but why not try it on shrimp cocktail? If you’ve got a broken Bloody Mary, this sauce will fix it for you in a jiffy! Mix it with your favorite vodka and a few vegetables to create a crowd winning drink. Buy it now on Amazon for $6.99  
  1. Captain Sorensen's Datil Pepper Hot Sauce
  This legendary marinade is perfect for those preferring mild seasoning over a ‘burning hot’ finish. Sorensen’s pepper sauce has got a powerful flavor and a sweet after taste, praised by many seasoned diners. You can add it to anything: Mexican, Creole, Cajun, eggs, meat, fried rice, roast beef hash, the possibilities are endless. Buy it now on Amazon for $13.49  
  1. Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Blackened Steak Magic
  This marinade creates a delicious blackened finish on steak, chicken or fish. You can also use it as a “substitute for normal use of salt, pepper and other herbs & spices called for in a recipe”. Chef Paul’s Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends contain no MSG or preservatives, is suitable for Kosher diners and is one of a few marinades on the market that offer this! The product is available is sixteen different variety blends – you will surely find your favorite! Buy it now on Amazon for $9.99  
  1. Traeger Pellet Grills SPC123 Beef Rub Set
This delicious dry rub with a zesty hint has won over many people since it first appeared on the shelves. It’s perfect with pulled pork, beef steaks, lamb and chicken. Traegers is known to be very salty, so apply it sparingly. Season your steak just as you would with a dash of salt and pepper – first coat the meat with olive oil and next cover it with the Traegger Pellet dry rub. The chops are ready to grill right away – no need to wait! Buy it now on Amazon for $11.86 (6.5 oz)
  1. McCormick Grill Mates Meat Rub 4 Flavor Variety Bundle
  McCormick’s 4 flavor set is perfect for a holiday gift! Give your BBQ loving friend this neat pack, prepared by McCormick, and containing four of their staple seasonings: Grill mates steak rub, Grill mates sweet & smoky with cinnamon & chipotle rub, Grill mates pork rub and Grill mates apple wood rub. All packed in beautifully presented jars ready to use during the upcoming BBQ season. These rubs are very “mild and subtle”. The McCormick spices can be used to season the meat or enhance the taste of salad and fried eggs. Many vegetarians should try using this seasoning to coat fried chickpeas – a real crowd pleaser in need of a healthy yet flavorsome snack. Buy it now on Amazon for $26.95  
  1. Saltgrass Seven -7- Steak Spice
  This Texas inspired, full-bodied marinade will infuse your meat with a true southern essence. This smoky dry rub is perfect with a beef steak, but will work equally well when paired with chicken or pork. Without a strong taste, this seasoning won’t overwhelm the natural taste of your tender steak. We can understand why Saltgrass Seven Steak spice has become a dry marinade of choice for many meat lovers out there! Buy it now on Amazon for $9.99  
  1. Daddy Hinkle's Inc Marinade
  Daddy Hinkle’s marinade can tenderize the meat without suppressing its natural flavor. The most popular choice among users is Daddy Hinkle’s Original instant marinade. Its central ingredients are onion and garlic, making your steak taste as if it was prepared in “a world class steak house” – very impressive indeed! Available for purchase in a set of bottled sauces and a dry rub shaker, Daddy Hinkle’s will work magic in a variety of dishes from stew pots, ribs, pork ribs as well as grilled chicken. This one has our thumbs up and our lips licked! Buy it now on Amazon for $11.04 (marinade & dry rub set)  
  1. Dale's Steak Seasoning Reduced Sodium Blend
  One of the few gluten free marinades available on the market today – checking the right boxes with many people already. This reduced sodium version has a lower percentage of salt than the original Dale’s Steak seasoning. Available in a 4 bottles pack – you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this product! This “savory blend of exotic spices” will work equally well on beef, poultry, lamb, pork as well as fish and vegetables. Take note to marinate the steak longer than you would with regular seasoning due to the lower salt ratio. This sauce is certainly a great choice for all healthy conscious diners who are either gluten intolerant or simply want to cut down on their salt intake. Another thumbs up! Buy it now on Amazon for $28.99 (pack of 4)  
  1. Durkee Mix Durkee Black Peppercorn Marinade Mix
  This pack of 12 handy sachets will deliver a “soaked-overnight, mouthwatering moist flavor” in only 15 minutes, which is perfect for a last minute dinner. Durkee Black Peppercorn Marinade can be used alone as a dry rub, but we also recommend mixing it with wine, vinegar and oil for an even more succulent and flavorsome result. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Only half a sachet is needed for a serving – it’s that efficient. With 12 of them in a pack, they will certainly last for more than one BBQ season! Buy it now on amazon for $13.80 (pack of 12)
  1. Monroys Original Hot Sauce Mango Habanero
  From a dipping sauce to a spicy companion on your table, this hot sauce enjoys a wide range of uses. Yet be warned: this Monroys’ product has already made a name for itself as a product with an almost uncompromising heat level – and therefore it is recommended only for seasoned heat lovers. No need to serve it in dollops, the smallest quantity will successfully blow you away. So if you like your steaks extra spicy, this one is for you! Buy it now on Amazon for $9.99  
  1. The Spice Hunter Steak & Chop Grill & Broil Blend
  Another prize winning seasoning mix that is perfect for all the health conscious diners. The Spice Hunter blend not only consists of 100% organic herbs, but is also completely salt free. It lets you easily control the salt intake for yourself and your friends & family. A winning formula! Loved by many, this spice is available in a pack of 6 and will beautifully enhance any beef steak, turning it into a prime succulent cut your guests will attack. Buy it now on Amazon for $26.00 (pack of 6)  
  1. Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends, Steak
  Another award winning marinade! Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends have been recognized by the American Culinary Institute and has been presented with the Best Taste Award in 2004. Salt free, this seasoning is complimented by many health conscious diners. You can sprinkle, marinade or rub this flavorsome blend of 14 herbs into your steak. Perfect for grilling, broiling and baking. You can even use it with your fajitas! Buy it now on Amazon for $21.00 (pack of 6)  
  1. Barbecue Spice Rub - Pixie Dust Universal Premium Seasoning Blend
  This gluten-free dry rub mix has plenty of enthusiasts out there and it’s clear why. Mild and universal, it goes with almost anything. Currently available in a set of 12 handy shakers – there will be happy diners this season! Made with only natural and premium ingredients, Pixie Dust is acclaimed by many as the most economical of the marinades. “Little goes a long way” – it will certainly compliment plenty of upcoming BBQ get-togethers! But this seasoning blend is not only fit for the steak – it will also perfectly enhance seafood, poultry and game. Handcrafted in Maine, this is a truly artisan and wholesome marinade currently available on the market. Buy it now on Amazon for $65.00 (case of 12)  
  1. Weber Grill Marinade Southern Whiskey
  This multi-pack of Weber Grill Marinades is perfect to use with any kind of meat – from chicken and pork to the driest cuts of beef (such as a flank steak) or as some prefer to call it: London Broil. But did you know this whiskey infused seasoning will work its magic on fish and vegetables as well? No need to marinate your steak overnight – only few minutes prior to grilling will infuse and tenderize the chops. It delivers a truly traditional American flavor, loved by so many. Buy it now on Amazon for $14.19 (pack of 12)  
  1. Jim Beam Original Barbecue Rub
Last but not least, Jim Beam Barbecue Rub will have diners fighting for your steaks! It’s a rich and subtle blend of natural spices, but the real highlight is the beautiful taste of authentic Jim Beam bourbon. This marinade certainly can transform an average steak into a special meal! Buy it now on Amazon for $13.97   So there we have it – The top 19 marinades perfect to go with any meat. Whether you prefer your chop spicy and zesty, or mild and natural, you will surely find the perfect blend for yours too. Even some of us with dietary restrictions will certainly find something for ourselves. If you like one of the products we’ve mentioned, please click the link below their review to purchase directly from Amazon!