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Top 10 Brooklyn Pizza Joins of 2015

on November 25, 2015
If there’s one thing New York knows: it’s pizza. From Original Rays to hidden Zagat rated gems all around the city, we are here to narrow your pizza choices to the top 10. But not just the top ten pizza joints in New York, we’re going to narrow it down even further to one, special borough. Brooklyn is notorious for making some of the best pizza in the country. If you’re coming to New York for a brief stint and want to test the “New York has the best pizza” theory, we’re going to make your option list crystal clear. Here are the top 10 best pizza joints in Brooklyn:  

10. Totonno’s, Coney Island

Totonno’s keeps it simple and clear: Large or Small / 8 toppings to choose from. They don’t overwhelm you with a bunch of options. They put it together and bake it right in front of your eyes. The crust is slightly charred due to the authenticity of the old coal oven. Cash only and their most popular dish is the pepperoni. We love Totonno’s cause it’s not a lot of bells and whistles. It’s just damn good pizza.  

9. Lucali, Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens is one of my favorite Brooklyn spots so when a friend of mine told me there was an unbelievable Italian place there, I was definitely on board to try it out. Lucali has their own in house garden where they grow all their ingredients fresh from ground to table. A lot of regulars like to order extra sauce on the side because it’s so unique and delicious.  

8. Paulie Gee’s, Greenpoint

This is a terrific date spot! The interior gives you the feel of a converted barn, rustic and comfortable. They have some of the best vegan options too! What Paulie Gee’s does which is so unique is that they offer honey as a topping! If you’ve never had honey on your pizza you MUST give it a try, but at Paulie Gee’s… I wouldn’t try this at home folks. The Brian Debrisket is also a very popular dish here.  

7. Juliana’s Pizza, Dumbo

Juliana’s is next door to our number 3 pick, Gramaldi’s (also the same owner), so you can guarantee there are a ton of people in that area awaiting Italian deliciousness. Best piping hot, so make sure you get a good few bites in right away. Juliana’s also has some awesome dessert menu items too, especially their cookies!  

6. Saraghina, Bedford Stuyvesant

Not only does Saraghina have some of the best pizza in Brooklyn but it’s got an incredibly competitive brunch. New Yorkers pride themselves on Pizza and brunch… so this place gets the gold medal for having both. A high recommendation on the French toast if you’re there for their brunch menu.  

5. Patsys Pizzeria, Prospect Heights

Thin and crispy crusts and owners with great recommendations. The back patio area provides you with a quaint, relaxed feel as you enjoy delicious Italian specialties. At the end of your meal, they hit you with an outrageous Nutella dessert pizza. This is definitely a good place for large groups of people as the pizzas are destined to be boxed up for a table for two.  

4. Roberta’s, East Williamsburg-Bushwick

Like DiFara, our number 1 pick, this place has long waits. But you’re waiting not just for a slice of cheese on bread, you’re waiting for the best of the best. Roberta’s starts you off with gigantic calzones that are perfect for a group of people to warm up with. Stuffed with delicious ingredients and stretching your stomach for the main event: The Roberta’s Original Famous Cheese pie. This is a must try.  

3. Grimaldi’s, Dumbo

This place doesn’t do slices. Full pies only and no reservations (Which makes sense considering the demand.) I love visiting Grimaldi’s in the summer, when I have some time to kill, and getting a pizza with a buddy and eating it by the water. Dumbo is one of the most beautiful parts of Brooklyn, so getting to overlook the water while eating a bit of heaven is… well… heaven. Their white pizza is one of their more popular dishes and after trying it this past summer, I can understand why.  

2. L & B Spumoni Gardens, Gravesend

The Sicilian slices at this place are close to authentic Chicago style and you must stay for the title dessert, the “spumoni” mixes chocolate, vanilla and the most delicious pistachio ice cream you’ve ever had! I’ve always shy’d away from the pizza’s that cook the cheese underneath the sauce, but this place is the exception. They know what they’re doing.  

1. DiFara, Midwood

I lived my life with the question, “How can one slice of pizza be that much better than another slice?” Then I Had DiFara pizza and I literally teared up. It was the most delicious pizza I had ever had and it still is to this day. In a mostly Hasidic neighborhood, DiFara delivers its fans meat and cheese together as one in the best way possible. With fresh vegetables, protein and a secret sauce, you can’t help but fall in love with this little, old Italian man who makes each pizza by hand. Be prepared to wait at least an hour to simply place your order. It’s worth the wait. Every bite.