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Think Cutting Out Red Meat Is Healthy? Think Again.

on October 30, 2018

Every year, more and more vegan and vegetarian diet trends and new eating spots seem to pop onto the scene. It’s not hard to imagine why with so much research claiming that red meats are bad for overall health and increase chances of stroke, fatal diseases and harmful infections. In other words, red meat really gets a bad reputation.
That being said, there is also evidence that exists to support the opposite. Read below to and decide for yourself if one of the most controversial foods in the history of nutrition is a healthy choice for you. (Spoiler Alert: It is!)
What Does Red Meat Do To Support Health?
Red meat provides a lot of things that your body needs including a high amount of protein, that keeps you satisfied after a meal and supports proper muscle growth. Worried that red meat causes you to gain weight? Think again. This delicious type of meat has conjugated linoleic acid, which helps to decrease belly fat. If you’re thinking that saturated fat could still be a culprit, not necessarily. Saturated fat is necessary for brain health and a great source of natural energy.
It’s a popular myth that red meat is disastrous for your cholesterol, but the truth is that with today’s modern farming, most of it has a much lower amount of fat. Another important thing red meat does for the body is provide one of the highest sources of iron, which fights fatigue. Need a strong source of Vitamin D? B12? Just head out for a delicious steak dinner for your fix. Easy, right?
Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?
It’s not likely. Still, you may have heard that red meat is linked to developing cancer. One way to dispute this idea is by understanding that there’s a difference between steak in a natural form and processed meats like cheap sausage. When most organizations and new sources discuss this topic, they are almost always referring to these processed red meats.
Can Red Meat Help Enhance Fertility?
Yes, considering Red meat is a rich source selenium. When you combine this with B6, it creates a necessary balance of nutrients that are important for fertility—both for conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. For females, having a proper amount of selenium is important to avoid harmful conditions with carrying. Plus, it’s almost important for men. It can prevent free radicals from harming the quality sperm production and promises a good balance of testosterone versus estrogen, which creates a healthy sex drive.
How Can You Ensure Your Red Meat Doesn’t Contain Harmful Substances? Cooking meat at higher temperatures can form compounds that are harmful. , it can form harmful compounds. To avoid this, follow these tips:
  • Try stewing and steaming your meat instead of grilling and frying.
  • Don’t cook at high heats and keep your meat away from a flame
  • Avoid smoked or charred foods. Burnt pieces? Cut them off.
  • Let your meat marinate in garlic, red wine, lemon juice or olive oil. This takes away Has, which are harmful.
  • Make sure to keep flipping your meat to keep it from burning

So, in conclusion, red meat really isn’t your enemy. In moderation, it can be essential to balancing out a healthy diet. Just make sure the red meat your choosing is quality, cooked using proper methods and unprocessed. If you’re searching for a delicious steak dinner—come visit us at Atlas Steakhouse and we’ll provide with an unforgettable dining experience.