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Still Thankful: Belated Gratitude

on November 30, 2017
Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the whole country has moved onto the next big seasonal surge, it seems a worthwhile effort to hold onto the spirit of gratitude as we embrace the coming holiday chaos. There certainly is plenty of chaos in the world, but there is plenty to be appreciative of in our world, and we want to share some of those simple things. Perhaps, if you’ll take a look, you’ll be reminded of some things you are grateful for, as well. Here’s some basic blessings we won’t be overlooking as we wrap up the new year: Good Space: It’s a simple pleasure, but a crucial one, to enjoy where you work and do business. While it can be a struggle to please everybody all the time, we always strive to ensure that our establishment is one where all people, customers and employees alike, can feel safe, comfortable, and secure in their safety. We hold ourselves to a high standard, so we also like to keep the place looking nice, of course. But, an eye for excellence in design and decorum doesn’t prevent us from providing a welcoming space for all who walk through our doors. And, it’s a special thing we cherish deeply to be able to do that. Good Food We’re proud of what we do here at Atlas Steakhouse. Food is one of the basic, and most important, comforts we have in life. We eat to support our bodies, our minds, and even our hearts if you think about it. Americans consume, not merely for nutrition and sustenance, but because we are able to center ourselves and our families around the shared meal. Often, it is the latter environment which we focus on when talking about food gratitude, but we can each take comfort in food, even on the individual level. It’s nice to share a meal, but if the quality of the product is lacking, or the preparation is poor, the shared experience become a disappointing one. We are glad to offer exceptional quality meat and produce prepared with the utmost of professionalism and respect for our customers. Which brings us to… Good People At the end of the day, the food and the ambience are fabulous, but it is the people we encounter who make the day what it is. We’re fortunate to have extremely dedicated service and kitchen staff at Atlas, and we’re equally fortunate that the people who come to sit at our tables are of an exceptional quality, as well. In a busy restaurant like ours, it can sometimes become easy to see the sea of faces and become numb to it. Our customers don’t let that happen. They remember the names of their servers, give us the feedback we need for encouragement and advice, and they often leave just as they arrive: With a smile on their face which makes our jobs easier. Kindness goes a long way, folks, and we appreciate that our customers know this. These are just a few simple things we at Atlas Steakhouse are grateful for all year round. But, as the year ends, it’s natural that some reminiscing and analyzing of things would occur. It’s normal to take assessment, brace yourself for what’s to come, and to celebrate what has already occurred. We’re choosing to close out the year by celebrating what we’ve accomplished with the space, product, and people we’re grateful for. And, thank you for being a visitor and a reader! We appreciate all of those who seek us out, digitally or at our home here in Brooklyn. We promise to continue doing our best to show that appreciation!