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Steak Degrees of Pleasure

on March 09, 2017
Any real steak connoisseur knows that a premium-quality steak can be served at any temperature if prepared by skilled hands. This might seem like sacrilege or pure blasphemy that spits in the face of rare-only steak eaters all over the world, but if you think about a quality piece of meat, you know that it’s true. Even the most careless of hands, or bacteria-phobic of consumers, can’t cook out the bovine divinity in a premium piece of rib eye or New York strip. Well, burnt is burnt in the end, but we don’t know much about that. Burning steak is a banished act in the Atlas kitchen. Steak isn’t a common food, even though it’s fair game for the common man or woman. See, life likes to offer us each brief glimpses into excellence; tiny snapshots of perfection to give us something to strive for. A really good piece of steak offers a blank palette of grandeur. Salt, pepper, herbs, and other seasonings can be used to paint a unique picture over every slab of red meat, and once that piece of meat has been given its foundation of flavor and aroma, it takes at least a little bit of heat to seal the deal. You know the sight of a steak done right. Regardless of how well done you like it, you know that a well-handled filet or t-bone will arrive on your plate, decorated in crisscrossing grill marks and perspiring with pure, perfectly rested droplets of deliciousness. Once you slice into a piece of steak, the real magic is exposed. See, those grill marks, and the still-clinging remnants of rendered fat hanging off of your steak’s edges, are just glimmering glances at deeper levels of decadent taste hidden within. Food purists are staunch advocates for rare steak because, once a rare steak is cut open, the full range of the meat’s offering to the person doing the cutting is revealed. Tender pinks, vivid reds, and even seductive blues can be found on the inside at the heart of a real, high-quality steak. Many will tell you about the juicy red and/or pink on the inside, but can they see the real rainbow within? A steak’s seared exterior contains something succulent and sensational on the inside. It’s something uniquely American, a melting pot of flavors, minus the pot. And, even more impressively, a steak can be a culinary chameleon. It can play the headliner in your dinner’s concert lineup, or it can compliment your breakfast the next day with a classic American steak-and-egg breakfast. And, in even better news, everything you’ve read in the above sections can be found right in our own dining area. Our steaks offer the finest flavor available in American meat, complimented by Mediterranean-style cuisine and a comfortable environment that’s good for an intimate or family outing. It doesn’t end with steak, either! From seafood to chicken, from brunch to dinner, you can count on Atlas for delicious food, in-house entertainment, and world-class drinks from our in-house mixologists! You might say we hold the whole world (of your dining and hospitality needs) on our shoulders! Stop by our location at 943 Coney Island Avenue to experience it all for yourself!