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Spring Cleaning for the Soul at Atlas Steakhouse

on April 15, 2018
A meal can offer so much to your body, mind, and spirit. Food can enrich you, empower you, and replenish the stores of energy and inspiration which you have lost. So, as you think about spring cleaning this time of year and prepare for the summer to come, don’t forget to take care of your body by feeding it, entertaining it, and nurturing what you and your body can do. Forget about nutrition and nourishment for a second, though. Let’s look at something a little harder to quantify. A healthy meal can help bring you back to life when your capacity for living gets low, but the experience of a good meal can breathe new life into your day in no time at all. A good meal can mean a lot of things, as everybody is different in terms of what they need. It’s easy to become solely focused on the science and significance of eating well, but it’s also important to remember that food is meant to offer a sense of joy. And, the joy of a meal goes beyond the cooking. There is pleasure in pontificating what you will order and eat. There is excitement in comparing your choices to that of your neighbor. And, for those dining alone, there is comfort in taking in a meal and a moment to oneself. Perhaps people watching brings you to your favorite establishment, perhaps it is the opportunity to eat and be refreshed without having to clean up after yourself. Regardless of your motives, we each gain something from the meals we embrace, or why would we keep doing it? Food is universal among humans – each of us needs it, and therefore we apply that need in different ways to suit our own uniqueness within the world. Some enjoy a hot meal, some a cold one. Some prefer to eat light, some are inclined to gorge. The point of this piece is not to focus on what we do right or wrong when it comes to food, but rather, to point out that each of us does it. And that, in and of itself, is something to marvel at and behold. Friends, do not deny yourselves the comfort of a meal you may enjoy. Don’t shy from your favorite foods because of vanity or fear. Of course, we do want you to take care of yourselves, so don’t mistake these words for mindless endorsement of indulgence. But, as the weather changes and becomes more comfortable, we hope that you, too, will become more comfortable seeking out what you desire. If it is comfort you seek, look no further than our doors. At Atlas Steakhouse, we have an extensive menu full of items inspired by people and countries all over the world. Our expert chefs and service staff will do their absolute best to help you have the experience you need to prepare for spring, summer, and every season to come. Take in the sights, sounds, and of course, flavors that we offer to help you refresh, revitalize, and take it all in.