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Private and Corporate Events at Atlas Steakhouse

on December 15, 2019

Hosting an event is a great way to bring people together. Whether you are hosting a company party or a private get-together with friends, having an event makes the occasion extra special.

The truth is that we spend a lot of time in the same day-to-day routines. We see our work colleagues every morning and maybe spend some time chatting by the watercooler. We head home and spend time with our families and maybe give our parents a call. It is easy to fall into the same bland routines and as a result, communication often suffers.

Events are not just a chance to have some fun. They are also a great way to help build and strengthen bonds. They give us a chance to communicate in a more relaxed setting with work colleagues. An event with family and friends can help break down communication barriers and let us create stronger connections.

By planning and hosting an event, you are creating the space for the people in your life to grow, network, and connect. At Atlas Steakhouse, we’d love to help simplify the process of throwing your next event so it’s even better.

Corporate Events

Getting out of the office and connecting with your colleagues in a new setting is one of the best ways to boost effective communication and teamwork in your company.

In an office setting, people often fall into their own daily habits and cliques - spending time with the same people and in the same settings. If you have a remote team, things get even more strained when it comes to communication and connection.

Giving your team, company, or board a chance to socialize and connect outside the work setting has been shown to drastically decrease communication issues and blocks. Hosting a company or corporate event is a great solution.

At Atlas Steakhouse, we have helped companies throw many holiday parties, business celebrations, and milestone events. We are also happy to host shareholder meetings, board meetings, or even just client meetings.

Getting these types of events out of the office setting and into a more relaxed setting of a restaurant is a great idea. The new environment helps make the event or meeting more memorable. It can also help people bring down their corporate, professional barriers and really communicate and connect with each other.

Private Events

The connections we build with our family and friends are some of the most valuable relationships in life. Building these bonds is important but it’s even more important that we work to maintain them.

Calling your parents once-in-awhile to check in or grabbing drinks with your friends a few times per month is good. If you want truly great bonds with the people in your life though, it can be helpful to go beyond this basic level of connection.

Hosting an event to celebrate with friends and family is an amazing way to break the mold and build even stronger connections.

Throwing a birthday party can help you reconnect with old friends. Hosting an engagement party gives two families the chance to bond and the couple a chance to meet their partners’ closest friends. A retirement party is a great way to celebrate the life and achievements of someone special with all their friends and family.

If you want to build stronger connections and have better communication in your private life, host an event. At Atlas Steakhouse, we can help make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Host Your Next Event at Atlas Steakhouse

Hopefully you see the value in hosting events - whether as part of a corporate setting or in your own private life. Planning and hosting an event can be a lot of work though.

Atlas Steakhouse is a great venue option for your next event, if you want to cut down on the hassle and stress of planning an event.

We are centrally located in the Ditmas Park neighborhood, making it easy for your guests. We have a stylish, sophisticated decor that is perfect for hosting a wide range of events, from a casual birthday party to an important business meeting. Our Mediterranean-style cuisine has something for everyone, which helps eliminate the worry or stress of planning your event menu.

If you’d like us to help host your next event, just give us a call at 646-494-7227. Our staff is happy to help in any way we can - whether you need space for a small private party or want to host a full corporate event.