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In Honor of Anthony Bourdain, The Do’s & Don’ts Behind His Perfect Steak

on July 15, 2018

CNN Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef and passionate storyteller, was a larger-than-life figure, using his books and shows as a fresh and insightful way to explore culture, try new cuisines and understand the human condition. The unexpected news of Bourdain's tragic death in June was met by profound sadness across the world and throughout the culinary community, including everyone here at Atlas Steakhouse.

In order to pay tribute to one of our greatest inspirations within the industry, we’re taking a second to highlight Bourdain’s idea of the perfect, juicy steak, because, well, steak is kind of our thing and we just can’t justify arguing with the best of the best. It’s true—when the man talked, we listened.

As most of us (chefs and meat-lovers alike) know, steak is one of the easiest meats to cook, but it’s also one of the easiest to completely ruin. Think you’ve got the backyard favorite down to a science? Read what the late CNN star thought about the topic first.

If he were to describe a five-star steak, Bourdain explained to Danny Bowien at Business Insider in 2017, that his ideal piece was a “big, fatty rib steak.” And, like many of us, he preferred it right on the bone.

When it came to seasoning? He knew exactly what he was looking for, keeping it simple with just sea salt and black pepper. With a good temperature, he would grill it over charcoal or pan-sear it using a small amount of butter and olive oil. To really add a wow factor, Bourdain would throw his steak in the oven for just the perfecting finishing touch. Yep. Our mouths are watering, too!

Last but not least, his absolutely necessary secret to the perfect steak? “Pull it out of the oven just short of its desired temperature and allow it to rest—super important,” Bourdain told Bowien. He strongly believed that if you let your food sit for 10 minutes after you cook it, it would make the final taste infinitely better than what the average meat-eater is used to.

In a viral video from Tech Insider, the legendary chef explains his humorous belief that anyone with a pair of tongs can completely ruin a good steak with little-to-no effort through not following one simple step.

Just letting it be before you dig in.
Exactly as he explained to Business Insider.

Seem too easy or obvious?

Trust us, with a steaming hot, just-cooked steak sitting in front of you, being patient while it “rests on the board” is no small feat. But, we trust Bourdain when he said it’s well worth it. So, even if the smell is too delicious to ignore or if you feel the need to check and see if it’s truly done, put your poking tools away and give your food a few minutes to rest. After all, when it comes to food, the man knows what he’s talking about.

So, In case you can’t already tell how strong Bourdain felt on the topic of steak, when he was promoting his book Appetites, the Parts Unknown chef told WTF Podcast’s Marc Maron that one of the biggest cooking crimes in the US was that "No one knows how to grill a backyard steak in this country.”

We hear you, Bourdain, and we’re dedicated to cooking the most delicious steak in your honor, always.

If you’re like us and this article inspired you to get your meat fix ASAP, we invite you to stop by Atlas Steakhouse for a juicy steak that we believe would make our favorite foodie proud.

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Happy cooking and we hope to see you soon!
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