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Health and Nutritional Facts of Steak

on September 15, 2018

Say you’re in the Brooklyn area and are on the lookout for a great New York Steakhouse. You might come across one such as the Atlas Steakhouse and immediately be enticed to enter. When it comes to the thought of having a nice juicy steak for a meal, your taste buds salivate and your hands are mentally already holding the knife and fork ready to dig in. There is usually no question when it comes to steak. It’s a number one choice for any meal. But then you might stop yourself because you hear the voice of those that will instantly counter with facts that steak isn’t good for you because it’s a red meat or because of the fat in it or because too much of it isn’t healthy for you. This can become frustrating, especially when your heart is already set on those 4 ounces of sirloin and your mere steps away from the delicate smell of what might be the best Steakhouse in New York. But fear not, Steak has many healthy and nutritional qualities and I’m going to share them with you so you can return to feeling great about the steak you’re waiting to devour.
First and foremost, beef is mainly composed of protein and steak has quite an abundance of it. Depending on how the steak is cooked, it could contain as much as 26-27 percent protein. It is recommended to be cooked lean to get the most protein possible. This is great for not only speeding up, but maintaining the metabolism in your body. Animal protein contains all eight of the essential amino acids that our body requires for maintenance and growth. Meat is literally one of the most complete sources of dietary protein with the amino acid profile being similar to that of our own muscles. So, eating meat or other sources of animal protein may be of benefit for recovering athletes, for after surgery or for any instance where the muscle tissue has been torn and is being restored. This means that you can eat a 4 to 6-ounce steak and get more than your body’s daily protein amount and enjoy a delicious meal in the process.
Not commonly known, Beef provides the master antioxidant known as Glutathione. This massive antioxidant has a plethora of benefits to it like anti-aging, increasing longevity, preventing illness, strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of chronic disease. It literally helps protect every cell in our body from cellular damage that leads to chronic disease. A deficiency of Glutathione can lead to inflammation and oxidative stress. So, keeping Glutathione levels high is important for our overall health. Our body uses raw materials meaning amino acids to create Glutathione, which gives steak more importance on the output of amino acids it gives our body.
If you needed another healthy reason to have a steak, then consider the fact that it helps prevent iron deficiency anemia. This is a growing epidemic around the world and in a growing county like the United States where nutrient deficiency shouldn’t be an issue, anemia still kills thousands every year. There are two types of iron available in food; Heme iron which is mainly available in meats and Non-Heme iron which is found in plant foods such as fruit, vegetable and nuts. One of the best health benefits of meat is that it contains a substantial amount of Heme iron which your body needs and is much easier to absorb than Non-Heme iron.
So, now that you can feel better about enjoying a nice, juicy steak, grab the door handle of Atlas Steakhouse, step inside and have one of the best meals of your life.