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The Health Benefits of Steak

on March 30, 2018
Red meat often gets a bad rap in the health department because cuts of steak and other selections of red meat can be high in cholesterol and other fats. It’s important to note that this is true, but to look at this fact alone and ignore the rest of what composes a steak’s constitution would be to deny oneself of all kinds of nutritional benefits. You might be asking yourself: What kind of propaganda is this? Who am I to believe that steak could possibly provide nutrition in addition to its delicious, savory, meaty flavor? Doubt not, dear readers. We don’t mess around or lie when it comes to discussing the merits of eating meat. Hereafter, we shall officially discuss some of the nutritional offerings in the act of eating red meat, in specificity: Protein Perhaps the most obviously and immediately-associated benefit of eating red meat, protein is a basic building block of everyday life and a necessary part of an effective diet. Getting enough protein is essential to building healthy muscle mass and make for a strong body to carry you throughout each day. The specific type of protein found in red meat is rich in amino acids good for exactly the kind of muscle-building and tissue repair which make for good physical activity levels and endurance. Zinc & B Vitamins Zinc is good for the immune system, brain health, and building muscle mass. Different B vitamins provide all kinds of benefits to the human body, ranging from boosts to the immune and nervous systems to vitamins which create health benefits to the digestive system, skin, and eyes. A single serving of steak can provide most of a person’s daily zinc needs, and the various B vitamins found in red meat are so vital to a healthy body and mind that they are offered in supplemental form in pills, capsules, and tablets across the country! Which one seems more appetizing to you: The bottle of pharmacy bottle or the sizzling sirloin? Iron Iron is a very important part of your diet if you plan to live a high-energy life. It helps boost brain and motor functions, is essential for healthy pregnancy, and low iron levels have even been linked to learning and behavioral problems. Iron is what helps red blood cells transfer oxygen to the various parts of your body, and the iron found in red meat is more easily digested than those found in plant-based foods. It’s probably a stretch to say that the health benefits of steak to humanity are the first mission of the steakhouse. We generally associate steak with indulgence and pleasure, not disciplined, healthy living. But, the important thing to remember is that balance makes for the healthiest living, and there are plenty of health-oriented reasons to stick with steak in your diet on occasion. At Atlas Steakhouse, we know that your overall satisfaction with your experiences is a big factor in your general health. This is truly a part of our first mission – to provide a dining experience here in the Brooklyn area unlike any other. This is why we offer a range of brunch, dinner, and dessert options to help nourish your sense of personal well-being. Whether you seek iron-rich steak or something lighter, come see us for an unforgettable experience out!