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Surprising Flank Steak Nutrition Facts

on December 24, 2015
Meat, it’s the modern staple of just about any American meal. Meat is the focal point, especially so with beef. Anything from hamburgers to steak there is no limit, but there is one cut of beef that is great for you, flank steak. Flank steak is a cut of beef that is high in nutrients and is a full of various vitamins and minerals. It also tastes amazing! Getting fresh, flank beef is the best for you, helping you to avoid all of the nasty processed beef such as corned beef or sausage, yuck. Being a red meat it has high amounts of protein and cooked correctly can be an absolute wonder to eat. Flanks steak has zinc and iron in it, giving you necessary nutrients. With varying amounts of fat, this steak is one of the best things for you to eat. With some properly cooked sides, a good flank steak is the perfect dinner to eat after a long night at work. A great flank steak is high in nutrition and makes for a great and impressive dinner. Beef is one of the most common meats to add to any meal, making flank steak one of the most amazing cuts of beef to eat.   With roughly 217 calories per 5 ounces this wonderful slab of meat is low-calorie count and is just over 60 percent water, making it a great and potentially tender steak if cooked properly. This, paired with the varying levels of fat let you choose the section of flank steak best for you. Flank steak has 31% of vitamin B6 and 107% B12 making sure you get a great amount of necessary vitamins in your life. With over 58% zinc and over 30% iron. Flank steak is made of massive amounts of protein, which is extremely necessary to keep you nice and healthy. Protein is energy, the easiest kind of energy to convert into glucose for your brain. This is the easiest way to give your body energy, without sacrificing deliciousness.     All beef has fat in it, no matter what, it’s hard to avoid. No one likes meat that is mostly fat, but in the right amount, fat can make your meat taste amazing. You can buy flank steak with a variety of fat levels, to whatever tastes the best for you; making it one of the best cuts of beef on the market. It also has a varying amount of ruminant trans-fat, a healthy and happy fat for you. It’s the ‘good’ fat and makes the meat taste good. Everyone likes their meat to taste great, and fat is the best and most natural way to do so. These fats have also been linked with weight loss on many occasions to help you burn off all that holiday weight without sacrificing a great meal.   With a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, there are many ways that flank steak can benefit you, such as B12, to help you form blood and keep great functions on your nervous system. There’s also Selenium, which is only needed in small doses, but can sometimes be hard to find. Niacin is another smaller dose nutrient you need, but this one isn’t that hard to get, one flank steak is enough to hold you over for several days to ensure that you have plenty of Niacin in your system for later use. Phosphorus is found in a wide variety of foods, especially so in flank steak.     There are plenty of other things in flank steak that your body needs, such as Creatine, which supplies energy to your muscles. There’s also Taurine, which is used by your body to keep your muscles and heart healthy. There’s a very small amount of bad cholesterol in flank steak. Making it a great food for someone watching their cholesterol. When you’re looking for a great focal point to a meal flanks steak is one of the best meats to get. When cooked properly, this meat is tender and delicious, and helps not only with weight loss but helps you maintain your muscle mass.   Muscle is important, it ensures that you can move and keeping your muscle lean and strong you need to provide your guns with the proper protein. A good majority of people, especially older people, don’t get enough protein in their diets, making them wither slowly. The meat you eat, especially flank steak, has protein in it, and your body is really good at breaking protein down into glucose, or energy. It can break down meat quickly, and get the energy to your muscles that you need. Without meat, especially elderly people, are susceptible to Sarcopenia. The only way to avoid serious muscle wasting diseases such as Sarcopenia, you need to intake protein regularly. The best way to get protein is to eat animal products with protein in them, such as flank steak. Another reason to eat flank steak is to get Carnosine, a very important part of muscle function. Without meat such as flank steak, it’s difficult to build muscle mass at all and could be detrimental to your health in many ways.     Anemia is another serious problem that lack of protein could cause. The iron in meat such as flank steak keeps anemia at bay. Iron deficiency has symptoms of tiredness and weakness. Vegan and vegetarian diets are low in protein and iron, and can be very dangerous if not paid proper attention. Note Vegan and Vegetarian diets can be very nutritional and are extremely healthy when the practitioner is cautious about crafting their meals. Meat such as flank steak also helps in absorbing the iron it gives you, making sure that you get the best from your food that you can.   Heart disease in one of the most common forms of premature deaths and can kill quickly, leaving families and friends heartbroken. It’s essential to be careful not to overeat any food, especially meat. Flank steak is amazing for you and your well-being, but eating it several times a day is sure to cause serious issues. Meats such as flank steak should always be paired with veggies and fruits with fiber in mind. Saturated fats, after several studies, find that there aren’t any connection with flank steak at all about heart disease.     Meat in the proper portions is great for your body, and, in fact, is necessary for your body, but you need to be careful not to overeat. Eating a large majority of anything is bad for you, especially if you fill yourself up on one food and don’t eat the other foods necessary for your diet. All meat, even flank steak, should be eaten in moderation, for there are connections with serious diseases and overeating of foods. Such as cancer and heart disease.   There is also a parasite called beef tapeworm that is common in undeveloped countries, from undercooked meat. It’s important always to cook your meat all the way through, to ensure that it’s fully done and that all parasites are dead. If you don’t, you could have some serious problems, though in developed countries, these parasites are rare. Another danger of over eating meat such as flank steak is the possibility of iron overload, which can lead to serious problems with the liver and heart and could even cause cancer.     Another thing most people are concerned about when it comes to flank beef is how the cow it came from was fed. Grain fed versus Grass fed. It’s difficult to feed a population that is as big as our own with grass fed cattle; there wouldn’t be enough grass! Grain fed is how most cattle are raised, there is a higher antioxidant count, and the fat is yellow in color displaying higher amounts of antioxidants. Less fat and a healthier kind of fat, along with higher amounts of vitamin E, flank steak from a grass fed cow is some of the best kinds of meat for you. The grain fed meat described above is less healthy, but with how many heads of cattle is consumed a year it wouldn’t be logical to try to feed all of the people with grass fed cattle. Grass fed is better for you, but harder to find, and as result, more expensive.   When it comes to nutrition it’s important to be careful, don’t overeat flank steak and make sure it’s cooked well, to ensure that any parasites are dead. It’s also important to make sure that anyone with a muscle wasting problem has plenty of protein in their diet. Flank steak is pumped full of awesome natural nutrition and has a great taste with a little fat and the right seasonings. If you properly cook it, flank steak makes for a great meal. With the right seasonings and the proper recipe, you can make an amazing meal. The only question is, what exactly is the best way to cook a flank steak?     Cast Iron Cooking is always a great way to sustain all the natural flavors of your meat, a flank steak cooked in a cast iron skillet covered in sautéed mushrooms is an amazing meal with a side of mashed potatoes and any vegetable. Flank steak is also great when marinated overnight and cooked over a grill. There isn’t much better than a flank steak cooked over an open flame, smothered in barbecue sauce and your desired seasonings. You can slice up flank steak and cook the bits, and then place them over a bed of rice with a nice sauce, or could stir the rice and steak with cheese, making for a tender, delicious meal. There are hundreds of ways to cook flank steak, in the broiler, or on the stovetop, on the grill or sautéed with a variation of vegetables. A side of a baked or salt potato is an amazing addition to this protein-packed meal focal point. You could create a steak tartare, or even cook the flank steak Ted-Allen style. Another way you could eat this amazing steak is by making a sandwich out of it. You could create steak tacos or pepper crusted steak tips. All of these wonderful ideas would be a great way to cook a flank steak to tender perfection. There is nothing but the best in flank steaks and cooking them in any one of these ways would be great. You can almost replace flank steak with any other kind of meat for a new twist on an old classic, look at the taco idea for example. Cooking a flank steak can be simple, and the results of your work can be delicious if you put your twist to it. Flank steak should always be paired with some vegetables or fruit, preferably vegetables, no matter how it is cooked.   Flank steak is an amazing cut of meat and has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that can help you keep your body in tip-top shape. Of course, you need to be careful to keep your portions under control to keep from over-eating and causing some serious health issues. There are some serious problems when it comes to a lack of protein, which can be found in flank steak. Muscle wasting diseases and other serious problems. Undereating or overeating is always a bad thing no matter the food, but even more so for meat. There is also a wide variety of ways for you to cook and eat flank steak, making sure that no matter what the occasion, you always have a wonderful meal on your hands with this succulent steak. The benefits you can get from flank steak are enormous and will help you keep physically fit and able as long as you exercise along with eating well. Flank steak is a wholesome meal for the whole family.   If you want to taste the best flank steak in New York, come visit the best steakhouse in Brooklyn - Atlas Steakhouse!