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Everybody Eats: A Holiday Message from Atlas

on December 30, 2017
There are not a lot of universal constants out there for us to relate over, but you can’t deny that food is one of them. Everybody eats, even if everybody does it a little bit differently. Every day, it seems like the news is rife with stories which seem to paint us as a disenfranchised and disconnected species. But, all the violence, suffering, and crime in the world is put on hold when we gather together. And, some of our best gatherings happen over food – and what better opportunity for the family to share a meal than the holidays. As many celebrate Hanukkah and prepare to celebrate Christmas, with New Year’s Eve looming just around the corner, it’s easy to be reminiscent and to ruminate on what’s to come. In fact, this time of year, is, in many ways, like a meal being ordered for the first time. If the new year is an entrée, this reminiscent phase is our period for observing the menu. We look over our options over the coming months, considering the choices we have made and the things we have seen prior to sitting at this table. These things in mind, we select our courses. The holidays are our appetizer. They offer festive, flavorful escapes from the every day world and every day responsibilities. And, once we have had our fill of the first course, we seek a moment to digest before the next one arrives. Then, comes our entrée, delivered on the platter that is New Year’s Eve. Collectively, all around the globe, we count down and pause on this occasion to notice a shift in a shared calendar. Much like the arrival of a well-chosen item in a quality restaurant, this moment gives us sustenance, comfort, and an opportunity for self-care. Like all good meals, it must come to an end, eventually. Perhaps you order dessert, perhaps you do not. Either way, the new year arrives, and we must take the warm memories into our lives and workplaces. Our bellies are full, maybe even to the point of burden, but we feel all the richer for it. This time of year is like preparing for a new meal, and in doing so, we must consider those meals that have come before. No matter where we come from, what things we believe, or what our goals are, we all must eat. There is never a good reason to deny ourselves, or others, the comfort of a truly enriching meal. The importance of the moments offered by a meal, and this time of year, are not lost on us here at Atlas Steakhouse. This is why we hope you’ll choose to seek out those moments, and those meals, with us when you are in our area. It doesn’t have to be the holidays, or the new year, or any special occasion at all. And, we welcome all people in search of a good meal in a comfortable, upscale environment. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Atlas Steakhouse!