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Best Steak Grilling Tools

on February 08, 2016
When barbecuing, it is wise to have all the essential grilling tools handy. It will make the process less stressful making you work more efficiently. It is more convenient than running back and forth to and from the kitchen. Please see below for a variety of handy steak grilling tools.  

Grill Brush

  A grill brush is used to clean the grill. It cleans off stains from the previous grilling that would affect the flavor of the food. A clean grill will make your food tastes much better. The brush prevents the food from sticking to the grill, and it enhances the grill marks on the food.   A wire grill bamboo brush has a better built, and it is stronger than other plastic brushes and ones made of aluminum and steel wire. The handle is thick and easy to hold, and the bristles are stainless steel.   The brush works well on tougher grease and grime.   Caution: It is not recommended to use the brush on porcelain-coated grill grates. It is best to use a much softer brass bristled brush.   The difference between the cheaper and more expensive brushes is that the less expensive brushes lack a scraper that comes built into, the more expensive brushes. Additionally, some of the cheaper brushes lose wire strands while in use. Other more competitive brands also do not scour the grill well enough to help remove dirt and grime.  

Charcoal Chimney

If you are using charcoal to grill, a charcoal chimney is essential. It helps to light the coals and keeps flames from them. It also controls the temperature without using lighter fluids. Lighter fluids give the food a bad taste.   Additionally, the charcoal chimney makes it easier to add more coals without getting burned, and it lets you know how much charcoal to add.   The charcoal chimney method of lighting the grill is a better choice over other types of lighters. Caution: Lighter fluids should not be used to keep the coals lit.   The chimney sometimes gets used to cook small thin slices of meat or fish. It saves you the trouble of filling the grill with coals if you are not cooking for a large number of people.   The chimney has a plastic handle that makes it easier to transport and pour the coal.   Some of the cheaper chimneys do not have vents that let air circulate making the coals lit much quicker. Other less expensive brands use less thick aluminized steel. The thickness prevents the chimney from peeling when it gets scorching. Also, some of the cheaper models will rust after a certain number of uses.  


  When you are grilling, it is good to keep a lighter handy even if the grill has an automatic igniter. Sometimes the igniter does not work, or it runs out of batteries.   The cheaper models for $4 or $5 break easily. The lightening mechanism stops after a short period.  

Spray Oil

  Spray oil is used to grease the food lightly before putting it on the grill. The oils come in various brands. You can get coconut oil, olive oil, or canola oil.   The cheaper sprays turn into streams of oil instead of spray mists. Additionally, the pumps get made of cheap plastic that breaks too quickly.  


  Seasoning adds taste to the food. Without seasoning, the food would taste bland.   In some of the cheaper brands, people report a dominant flavor of nutmeg and that the flavoring is weak.  


  Tongs are used to pick up the foods while grilling. You can either use them to transfer the cooked foods from the grill or raw foods from a tray to the rack. Also, use them to turn the foods on the reverse side while barbecuing.   Cheaper tongs for grilling fall apart while washing them. Some of the more inexpensive tongs do not open and close well. Other cheaper ones are not long enough to protect your hands from the heat. Some of them are too heavy and do not grip easily. Other tongs used for holding food have less sturdy steels that make them difficult to grasp anything.  


  This grilling tool gets used for foods that require a delicate touch. Use it to pick up and turn over fishes or burgers while grilling.   On some of the cheaper models, the metal between the wooden handle is loose. Some of them rust when they stay in the water too long. With other more inexpensive spatulas, the metal shaft and head do not remain in place well when lifting heavy foods.  

Water Spray Bottle

  The spray gets used to moisten the surface of the food while it cooks on the grill. This method of moistening the food has a term, “mopping.” The method prevents your food from drying out while it is on the grill. The spray also helps to give color to the food.   When you are grilling, and the flame suddenly gets high, use the spray to get the flame to a manageable level.   On the cheaper models, the cap does not stay on, and they leak a lot.  

Aluminum Foil

  The aluminum foil has various uses while you grill. Fold the foil into a square and place small items like potatoes and other vegetables in it then place it on the grill. Spray some water on the food. The foil will keep the food moist while it cooks.   You can also boil water in the foil and use it for disinfecting. Carefully form the foil into a square first. Be careful not to get burned by the steam.   You can use aluminum foil to grill whole foods like onions, sweet peppers, or apples. Use the foil to make donut-shaped rings and place the whole foods on the rings to hold them in place while grilling.   Aluminum foil can get used to clean your grill. Place a sheet of aluminum foil over the grill while the coals are still hot. This will help to burn off the extra foods on the grill.   Use the foil to make a drip pan. Foods drip while you barbecue. You want to protect the coals from creating too much smoke.   If you want tender, juicy steaks, wrap them in aluminum foil first before placing them directly on the grill.   The cheaper brands are too thin and tear easily.  

Kitchen Thermometer

  The thermometer helps to let you know when the food gets cooked.   For a much quicker and accurate reading, you can use an Instant-Probe Thermometer. It is very easy to read and also water resistant.   Some of the cheaper brands make it impossible to tell the food temperature, in that the temperature dial spins around without reading anything. Other cheaper brands do not calibrate well.  

Grilling Gloves

  The gloves protect your hands from the high heat coming from the grill.   A good pair of gloves would be the suede cotton-lined welding gloves. They are thick and can withstand high temperatures.   Some of the cheaper gloves are of poor quality and design in that they are not adequately made to fit the left and right hand. Other cheap gloves are not made well enough to prevent the water from leaking through the gloves. Other cheaper brands do not have enough thermal protection to protect you from the heat.  

Basting Brush

  The basting brush gets used to slather your food with barbecue sauce. It coats the food evenly with the sauce.   When looking for a basting brush, try to get a silicone basting brush. They hold the sauce better than other brushes. They are more sanitary and work better in the dishwasher.   Some of the cheaper brands do not hold the sauce well enough to baste the food. Some of them stain quickly, making it difficult to clean properly.  

Grill Racks

  A grill rack is used to hold the food while it drains off.   Some of the cheaper frames do not fit on the model grill it states. They are either too long or too short.  

Grilling Basket

  The purpose of the basket is to grill vegetables in them to go with your juicy steak. While one person is cooking steak, the other person can be roasting the vegetables using the basket.   The basket is a good idea because the grates on the grill are too far apart for the vegetables. They end up falling through the cracks and get burnt by the flames. The basket can also fit several vegetables for steaming.   Some of the cheaper brands have large openings where the vegetables can fall through. Other more inexpensive models are harder to clean.  

Grill Covers

  The cover protects the grill if it gets stored outdoors.   The cheaper brands cannot withstand huge gusts of winds. Other more competitive brands are of poor and rip easily.  

Wood Chips and Smoker Boxes

  Use the wood chips to smoke the food giving it an excellent flavor.   Get the chips with the smoker box attached. The smoker boxes go on top of the cooking grate for smoking.   Always soak the wood chips before smoking them.   If you do not have a smoker box, Use a drip pan and fill it with damp wood chips. Afterward, cover it with foil with punched holes on the top. Cover up the grill so that the chips can smoke.   It is a good idea to test the woods first to see how they taste on the foods. The food will have a bitter taste if you use precious woods like hickory or mesquite.  

Sliding Skewers

  Use these for grilling kebabs. It lets you quickly push the food on the plate without any hassle.   The blades get made of stainless steel. It has a square shape that stops the food from spinning when you turn it over.   When the food gets taken off the skewers, the meat and vegetables do not fall apart.   Some of the cheaper brands are not stainless steel and chip easily.  

Chef’s Press

  This gets used to press down on the food speeding up the cooking process, while giving the food a good taste.   They have vents that release moisture.   You can put them in your dishwasher.   Cheaper brands are of poor quality that does not live up to what the manufacturer offered.  

Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand

  If you are the type that likes to go over the top and get creative, you can get a monogrammed forged steak brand with your initials on it. Heat it and brand the steak with it leaving your initials printed on the steak.   It adds a personal touch to your creation.   It is a similar tool that gets used to brand cattle for identification purposes.   It comes with a mounting and storage rack. You can choose single, double, or triple initials.   With the cheaper brands, the letters are not the same size.  

Grill Prep Trays

  Using the trays prevent cross contamination. You can put the raw meat on the white or red plate. After grilling, place the cooked meat on the black plate.   The trays come in white, red and black. The trays are dishwasher safe, and they do not absorb flavors or odors.   The cheaper ones leak.  

Clamp LED Grill Light

  If you feel the need to keep grilling after the sun goes down, this light gets placed on the grill making it easier to see what you are doing. There is no need to use floodlights when you only want to see what is on the grill.   On cheaper brands, the battery compartment is not that sturdy and may fall apart.  

Memphis Pro Direct Flame Insert

  It lets you cook with direct heat on the grill. It gives the food a good flavor and a beautifully seared look, restaurant quality. It is stainless steel shaped metal with an indent providing the direct food contact with it.   It has 66 holes in it that allow the flame to reach the food directly.   There is no other product on the market like this one; therefore, it has no price comparison.   In conclusion, using the right tools when you grill makes your work much easier and makes the cleaning process effortless.