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Best Side Dishes to Pair with a Steak Dinner

on March 15, 2020

When you go out for a nice steak dinner, the steak should obviously be the star of the show. You want a steak that’s tender and full of flavor, perfectly cooked to your liking. At Atlas Steakhouse, we take pride and joy in serving top quality steaks. Our steaks are all naturally aged in our dry aging room for optimal flavor.

Once you have the perfect steak though, it’s time to find the perfect side dish. A steak alone does not make for a full dinner and a good steak needs a supporting and well paired side dish. A good side dish will help enhance the steak by complementing and balancing the flavors.

Whether you are having a T-bone, ribeye, or Porterhouse, finding the right side dish is all about considering the rich, charred flavor of a good steak. You basically have two options. You can try and balance the richness with a light, delicate side dish. Alternatively, you can go all in with a rich, decadent side dish.

With this in mind, classic side dishes for steak often fall in either a starch/grain category or a vegetables/salad category. At Atlas Steakhouse, our menu makes sure to cover all the most delicious and popular steak side dish options. Choose any of the below to perfectly round out your steak dinner.

There is nothing more classic than steak and potatoes. At Atlas we have 3 potato side dish options - a perfectly baked potato, creamy mashed potatoes, or for a bit more indulgence kettle chips or french fries.

If you want to pair your steak with a starch but aren’t a fan of potatoes, we also have a basmati rice side dish option.

With a good vegetable side dish, you have more of an option to balance the richness of steak. Our vegetable side dishes include sautéed spinach and sautéed onions. If you want a light accompaniment to your steak, opt for the fresh crunch of our asparagus or steamed broccoli side dishes. Our grilled vegetable side dish is a great option if you want even more of that smoky charred grill flavor.

Guests at Atlas Steakhouse can choose from any of our side dishes but are also welcome to pair their steak with one of our delicious salads, appetizers, or soups. We have a full menu of Mediterranean inspired options for guests to mix and match from.

After selecting the perfect steak and perfect side dish, don’t forget to take the same care in pairing your drink option. We have a full wine list and our staff is happy to help you find the right wine to match your steak.

After a delicious steak dinner, why not consider finishing the evening with an equally decadent dessert?  The dessert menu at Atlas Steakhouse is sure to have something to help add the perfect ending to your evening. 

The full Atlas Steakhouse menu is available on our website for guests to browse at https://atlassteak.com/dinner-menu/. As you’ll see our menu has been thoughtfully planned out with an adequate, but not overwhelming, selection of steaks, sides, appetizers, as well as chicken, fish, and vegetarian options.

To make a reservation for your own perfect steak dinner, please give us a call at 646-494-7227. We look forward to serving you.