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The Best Beer & Steak Pairings, Ever

on August 30, 2018

When many people imagine the alcoholic beverage they should pair with their steak, they immediately think of wine. While this luxurious drink can be the perfect alcohol to pair with meat, an ice-cold beer can also be a delicious counterpart when sitting down for your steaming hot dish. A good craft beer can bring out the best flavors in any steak dinner as it cleanses your palate with consistent carbonation—as long as you know which varieties to pair with your dinner, that is. Look no further, here’s your new go-to guide to bringing together the perfect match.
When considering the right beer pairings, it’s important to keep in mind that well-carbonated beers are known to be naturally refreshing when served with a food that’s on the richer side. Much like this, a nice and crisp IPA can be the perfect choice to pair with anything hot, like when you’re eating a spicy meal. Over all, it’s important to remember that light beers go with lighter dishes and heavy beers go with heavy dishes. Easy, right? Here are a few examples using the most common types of beer:
Brown Ale
This nutty, complex beer pairs perfectly with a NY Strip steak. This is due to the caramel flavors from this malty beer that complement the caramelized flavors of the grilled steak. Since a NY Strip is also a complex cut of meat, it often overwhelms any beer paired with it. The finishing hop flavor in the brown ale is one of the few that counteracts this.
American Cream Ales
This light and mild beer can sometimes be referred to as a lager. Both the hop and malt flavor of this beer is typically lower, so it is likely to satisfy your thirst while letting the juicy flavors of your steak through.
Stout or Porter
This dry or roasty beer is a great match to a steak full of fat and umami—because the bitterness in the darkened malts gives off a similar contrast to that of a dry Cabernet. It’s truly a mouth-watering match.
Dry-Hopped Saison
This light body beer pairs perfectly with a tender and delicate filet mignon. It never dominates the delicious meat’s flavor but instead it cleanses your palate and leaves you ready to take another bite or another sip during the entire course of your meal. A saison also has a peppery taste that comes from the yeast. When this is combined with the steak’s salty flavor, it’s clear why the two were made for each other. Overall, the Saison’s earthy taste is a great match for the filet mignon’s rich umami flavors.
If you’re looking for a delicious steak and beer pairing similar to those on this go-to guide, we’d be more than happy to serve you at Atlas Steakhouse. With a trusted list of quality craft beers and delicious meats, we’ll offer the perfect, suggestions for a decadent dining experience that our customers say is truly unparalleled.