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Atlas Steakhouse is a Top 10 Steakhouse on TripAdvisor

on June 30, 2017
Running a business in the digital age involves awareness about your reputation as it stands on the internet. People look to their search engines for answers about everything these days – it’s where they expect to find the best deals, the most thrilling experiences, and the highest recommendations for food, entertainment, and hospitality. For this reason, we’d like to thank our past guests for helping to make Atlas Steakhouse one of the top 10 customer-reviewed steakhouses in the area on TripAdvisor. Input from our customers is always priceless to us as we are informed by this feedback to better make Atlas an unforgettable and delightful experience for any and all who walk through our doors. A good restaurant, filled with the finest ingredients, chefs, and staff the world has to offer, can be toppled in no time if those running the business don’t listen to what their supporters (or detractors, in some cases) have to say about their visit to the restaurant. The internet is rife with opportunities to offer your opinions in a public forum, and those opinions can go a long way towards building or breaking down the subject of your satisfaction or ire. We’ve been fortunate to have a long list of people who have tasted our wares and ultimately felt compelled to share their fond memories of having done so. But, you don’t get that type of positive feedback without doing the work required, and we’ve certainly put plenty of time and energy into anticipating our guest’s needs and desires. It all starts with the environment. The first thing you take in when attending brunch or dinner at a new eatery is not the food, the drinks, or even the service, but it’s the atmosphere, décor, and ambience of the place. We’ve all been to eateries with less-than-inspiring facades that greet us dully or without grace, and that’s what our space works to avoid. We want you feeling welcomed and relaxed as you walk into our establishment, but at the same time, we’re constantly laboring to maintain an exciting, sophisticated, and somewhat upbeat energy in the room. It’s why we’ve developed a diverse range of offerings; so that we can be available to those looking for food, drinks, entertainment, or all three. Our customers can come settle in and be treated like virtual royalty by our comfortable and professional employees. We have no doubt that our expert bar and service staff will take care of your drink and hospitality needs while trained and seasoned chefs (pun intended) curate beautiful, delicious plates like cider-marinated short ribs, butterfly salmon steak, or perfectly pan-fried Cornish hen. So, once again, thank you to those who have offered their opinions already and have helped us be known for premium service, hospitality, food, and drinks. We look forward to seeing you again soon, and we’re excited to make believers out of those of you who haven’t visited us on Coney Island Avenue yet!