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Atlas 101: Spotlight on Lamb Steak

on March 15, 2018
We’d like to turn your attention to one specific corner of the steak world: The lamb steak. Lamb is an adored selection in many steakhouses, butcher’s displays, and restaurants across the country. Tenderer than its more enduringly-aged mutton counterpart, lamb is popular in the western world in many different cuts, sizes, and shapes. Typically leaner than beef, it also has a gamier flavor and less marbling, allowing one to more successfully “trim the fat.” Let’s talk about some of the different cuts you might find lamb served or sold as in North America and many other parts of the world: Sirloin Cuts from the leg are big, beautiful masses of meaty flavor. Identifiable by the cross-cut bone found near-center of the sirloin, these are simple enough to prepare with a marinade, dry rub, or a simple pinch of salt and pepper – and they render beautifully over an open grill. Not to be confused with a hunk of bone-in leg meat, which has a massive, hulking presence like a piece of meat on a club, these two different servings from the same area of the animal require pretty different consideration when it comes to preparation. Loin Chop Loin chops make for the perfectly compact and visually-satisfying personal cut of lamb. The servings tend to weigh out to less than cuts from the shoulder or leg. Recognizable by the T-shaped bone running through the lean cut of lamb, these servings look and taste great next to a pile of root vegetables or steaming mashed potatoes. These cuts can be slightly more accommodating when you want to serve red meat to a small or large group without taking the time to roast a hefty piece of meat. The smaller sizes take up less room on the grill or pan, making preparation for a few people or more doable. Lamb Chop (Shoulder Chop) The traditional lamb chop can be handled more similarly to beef steak than might be recommended for other cuts of lamb. Much like your typical ribeye or New York strip steak, the meat can be lightly oiled and seasoned, then grilled on either side for a few short minutes and served about as rare as the recipient desires. The shorter cooking time earns the shoulder chop (also known as blade and arm chops) popularity in many restaurants in the United States and beyond. Of course, these cuts can also be braised and baked in the oven or pan-seared for a perfect black-and-blue order. It shares this versatility with many other cuts of premium meat of all kinds – many of which can be found at Atlas Steakhouse! We take pride in being a steakhouse, which is why we offer tableside meat selection in our comfortably upscale Coney Island Avenue location. Of course, we’re more than a steakhouse. We offer a wide range of international culinary selections prepared with expertise and professionalism using our unique, traditionally-influenced recipes. Our kitchen and service staff is completely committed to providing a world-class experience to our guests and making them feel welcomed each time they walk through the door. What better steakhouse to visit for a lamb steak than a steakhouse that prides itself on being just that, and more?